Top Ten Signs You Need Substance Abuse Treatment

Are you wondering if you have a problem with drugs or alcohol? If so, you probably do. Here are the top ten signs that it may be time to enroll in our Glendale addiction treatment facility.

  1. You have intense cravings for your drug of choice. The majority of the time, these cravings lead to using the drug. The more you use and the longer you wait to get help in an addiction treatment center, the more intense the cravings will become. If you stop using for any length of time, the cravings may be even stronger.
  2. You have a tolerance. As your body adapts to substances, it needs more drugs or alcohol to achieve the desired effect. Tolerance is a key trait for those with an addiction and need assistance at a drug rehab facility.
  3. You are dependent on drugs or alcohol. Dependence means you can no longer manage your life without substances. You get sick or are unable to function. The longer you use, the more dependent you become.
  4. You have physical withdrawal symptoms. You need your drug of choice every day, or you’ll get sick. Common physical withdrawal symptoms we have treated at our Glendale addiction recovery center include chills, sweats, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, vomiting, and nausea.
  5. You have psychological withdrawal symptoms. Common psychological symptoms we have treated at our drug rehab center in Glendale include nightmares, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, restlessness, a desire to sleep all the time, paranoia, hallucinations, mood swings, confusion, and a loss of interest in life.
  6. You spend more time obtaining and using substances than anything else. Your highest priority is getting high regardless of what else must be done. For clients in our Glendale addiction recovery program, activities unrelated to using may be neglected altogether.
  7. You’re spending your savings, rent money, and food money on drugs. Clients in our substance abuse treatment facility might spend an entire paycheck on substances, steal valuables to buy drugs, or engage in dangerous activities to get a hold of substances.
  8. You spend a lot of time alone. As your addiction increases, you lose interest in others and they lose interest in you. All you want to do is take drugs. Even if the loneliness is difficult to bear, you respond with using again.
  9. You’re not eating, and you’re losing weight. As addiction progresses, drugs can replace food. You might lose interest in eating altogether.
  10. You’re losing important relationships. Friends may fall away and loved ones may distance themselves as you become more involved in your addiction.

How Our Glendale Addiction Recovery Facility Can Help

If you're ready to confront addiction, there’s no need to do it alone. The odds of recovery are greater when you get the professional help you need. Our state-of-the-art drug and alcohol treatment facility in Glendale, California, can provide the help you need.

Our addiction treatment center in Glendale offers supervised substance abuse detox in a safe place. Going cold turkey or trying to detox by yourself can be dangerous. Our Glendale drug detox clinic provides 24/7 supervision, and we'll keep you as comfortable as possible while you are safely weaned off your drug of choice.

We also emphasize the importance of dual diagnosis mental health screening. Recovery sometimes involves treatment for a mental health condition that coexists with the substance abuse disorder. If you have a dual diagnosis, we will treat you simultaneously for both conditions.

A treatment plan that's designed just for you is absolutely imperative for any addiction treatment. Based on a thorough diagnostic assessment, we will create a detailed, comprehensive, and customized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and situation.

In addition, we promote a sense of community with the other clients in recovery. Our clients are encouraged to explore underlying and core issues of addiction in a safe and supportive environment. We strongly encourage our clients to get involved in support groups at our Glendale substance abuse center. Connection with others strengthens the commitment to recovery because getting sober is no longer experienced in isolation and uncertainty.

Relapse prevention is integral to the treatment at our Glendale rehab. Addiction recovery must include relapse prevention training and aftercare services. This involves identifying triggers that can cause you to pick up, avoiding high-risk situations that threaten sobriety, and staying clear of people you used to get high with.

Aftercare plans are the methods you are left with after altering your comprehensive and customized recovery plan. Completing treatment in a drug treatment center does not guarantee a sober life. Our clients are equipped with aftercare plans designed to provide ongoing support and guidance.

There isn’t time to waste. Call Harrison Institute today to set up a free consultation. It will change your life.