Services at Our Bellevue, WA Addiction Facility

If you are living someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, Harrison Institute and our drug rehab center in Bellevue, Washington are here to help. Any type of substance abuse requires a stay in an addiction treatment facility in order to safely get through detox and begin the therapy modalities that are necessary for recovery. Our addiction recovery program in Bellevue will help you or your loved one get the treatment they desperately need in our safe, confidential facility.

Caring Staff and Counselors

At our Bellevue drug detox clinic, we provide supervised detox services for every client that walks through the door. Any type of withdrawal can have serious side effects if left untreated, so we make sure we carefully monitor everyone in going through detox. We provide continued support for every client who is dealing with the effects of coming off drugs and alcohol.

Going through detox is the period that most clients quit and go back to taking their drug of choice, we are dedicated to making sure that you get through detoxification at our addiction treatment center in Bellevue before moving on to the next level of treatment.

Comprehensive Therapy Solutions

Talk therapy is an important part of any rehabilitation process, no matter what drug has been used or for how long. At our substance abuse treatment facility in Bellevue, we offer a variety of therapy sessions that are designed to get to the root of each issue a client has. After our clients check in at our drug rehab facility in Bellevue, they will go through an extensive intake process that will help our staff create a customized treatment plan designed around your needs. Our programs are always designed with the client in mind and never utilize a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Group Therapy within the Facility

To get the most out of our Bellevue addiction recovery facility we ask that all our clients approach group therapy with an open mind. We understand that it isn’t easy for everyone to talk openly to other people about their problems, especially strangers who are put together in one room. However, we have found that having clients talk to each other helps more than you realize. Opening up about drug and alcohol addictions to those who have been in a similar situation is empowering. Our addiction recovery center in Bellevue offers group therapy in a safe setting, overseen by a trusted therapist who will carefully guide each client through the process.

Understanding Dual Diagnosis

Many clients come to us with a mental disorder that has contributed to their addiction. These disorders contribute to the client’s drug abuse, or the abuse may have caused the disorder to develop in the first place. Dual diagnosis mental health treatment helps clients examine the reasons why they turn to drugs, and what can trigger the abuse. Before accurately treating the addiction, we must identify and address the core issues of the problem.

Physical pain may also contribute to an addiction. For example, a car accident that has left a client with a permanent injury may have caused an addiction to pain pills. They may have started to rely heavily on them even after the initial pain went away. With our addiction recovery services, we will get to the root of the problem so that the client can start to heal and return to sobriety.

Aftercare Services We Offer

Rehabilitation isn’t a process that can be done in just a few weeks. Our goal is to provide continued care for clients even after they leave Harrison Institute and our Bellevue addiction recovery facility. This takes the form of family, individual, and group therapy. We want all of our clients to trust that they can come back to us anytime they need to, no matter what their current situation is.